In engaging workshops run by boredomresearch at Aspex, participants experienced technology through creative play. 

Beneficiaries had the freedom to explore digital design tools within a supportive structure. Unique digitally-printed fabric designs and virtual 3D dress models were produced.

“Creative play allows learning without teaching, and is central to creating positive experiences in relation to technology.

Freedom is important for the ownership of achievements, developing confidence and allowing for the development of personal incentives.

Emphasis on promoting mutually-supportive exchanges between participants enhances resillience and independence through managed interdependence.

Collective experience provides oportunities for strong interpersonal connections, that act as a powerful risk mitigation strategy for the individual.”


A black and white image of 3 people holding up a large sample of fabric. The fabric looks as though it has a repeated figure 8 pattern on it. Two women are in the foreground, they face the fabric. Therefore, only the back of the head is seen. The image has an orange shadow.