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#free #3Dmodelling #design #software #browser

SketchUp is a free 3D modelling programme which runs from your browser. No need to download any software. Excellent for designing spaces for virtual exhibitions, planning physical exhibitions, architecture and interior design.  

Isodora 3 Demo

#projectionmapping #computer #software

Free and paid versons of projection mapping software. With the free version you can use all the features and create a project, but the project can’t be saved. However, Isodora 3 provides a great way to learn working with a professional projection mapping software.

Spark AR

#socialmedia #instagram #filters #coding

Spark AR is a free software which allows you to create your own filters for Instagram and Facebook. There are lots of resources for beginners getting into the software. The creative possibilities on Spark AR are endless.



#free #audio #computer  #software

Free and easy-to-use multi-track audio editor. Audacity can either record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitise recordings from other media. You can import, edit and combine sound files as well as export your recordings in many different file formats.


#free #video #3Dmodelling #animation #desktop

Blender is a free, open-source software. You can do everything from modelling, rigging, 3D animation, simulation, rendering and motion tracking, to video editing and 2D animation.


#free #phone #app #animation

FlipaClip's free video animation tools are optimised for your mobile or iPad.
Create photo animation and frame-by-frame animation, draw pictures and turn them into animated gifs or draw over videos to create a rotoscope video.


#computer #software #video #freeoption

This is a video editing software that is similar to Adobe PremierPro. AVID is a programme used by many professionals to edit films and TV shows. There are paid options for further professional features, as well as a free version.


#phone #app #video #photo #freeoption

Free video and photo editing app for mobile. You can simply edit videos and photos, or make collages using different templates and shapes. Inshot provides an easy way to produce creative content for social media right from your mobile.



#free #photo #illustration #software

Free photo editing and digital illustration software available on all devices. Create quick conceptual sketches or fully-finished artworks. You can scan your physical sketches and import your line art with a transparent background, ready for inking and colouring. Perfect tool for illustrators.


#free #photo #computer  #software

Free, open-source image manipulation software which allows you to open and edit Adobe Photoshop files. You can use Gimp for retouching photographs, producing icons, graphic design elements and art for user interface components and mockups.


#photo #editing #software #oneoffpayment

Pixelmator is an affordable image and photo editing tool that is similar to Adobe Photoshop, with intuitive navigation. It includes every tool and feature you need for editing and retouching your photos, creating designs, drawing vector illustrations, painting and sketching. Available for one-off payment of £28.99.

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